1. u_e (vowel-consonant-e)*

When the letter 'u' is followed by a single consonant and then the letter 'e,' the letter 'e' is usually pronounced as /yu/.

a. cute /kyut/

b. cube /kyub/

c. huge /hyuʤ/

2. ue*

a. fuel /fyul/

b. hue /hyu/

c. rescue /rɛskyu/

Long u spellings

3. ew*

a. few /fyu/


b. pew /pyu/


c. skew /skyu/


* All three of these spellings can also be used to spell the 'oo sound' /u/. Examples: "rude," "clue," and "chew"
* The 'long u' /yu/ pronunciation is more likely if the sound before the spelling is /m/, /k/, /f/, /b/, /v/, or /h/.

'long u' non-phonetic words

Non-phonetic words are not pronounced according to their spelling. Their pronunciations should be memorized.

1. usual

2. university

3. beautiful

4. music

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5. future

6. human