37: 'says' and 'said'--two words NOT pronounced with 'long a' /eɪ/

/sɛz/ and /sɛd/: be careful about mispronouncing these two high-frequency words.


Hi everyone, and welcome back to Seattle Learning Academy's American English Pronunciation Podcast. My name is Mandy, and this is our 37th episode.

I hope you enjoyed last week's word: palpable.

This week I've chosen two high-frequency words that I often hear mispronounced. Most of my students that say these words incorrectly never noticed that Americans ever pronounced them any other way. The words are says and said.

The words says and said are not pronounced with a long a sound, even though they are spelled the way the long a is usually spelled: with an ay and an ai. Remember, the long a sounds like the letter name, so long a sounds like (long a). The word say, s-a-y, is pronounced with a long a. Can you hear it? Say.

The words says and said are pronounced with a short e sound. If you remember from way back in episode 9, the key word for the short e sound (short e) is bed. (b sound, short e, d sound) Bed.

Notice that the word said, s-a-i-d, rhymes with bed. Said, bed. Repeat those two words after me.


said, bed


If you pronounce s-a-i-d with a long a, it will sound like you are saying sayed (s-a-y-e-d). Saying sayed will just sound like bad grammar.

S-a-y-s, sounds like says, not (sayes). Pronounce that word as if it were spelled s-e-z if it makes it easier.

By the way, s-a-y and s-a-y-i-n-g ARE both pronounced with a long a.

Here are all four: say and saying (with a long a), says and said (with a short e). I'll say them again: say, saying, says, said. Now you say them.

Now, one more time, to make sure you are using a different vowel sound in the words say and saying than you are using in says and said. Repeat after me:


say, saying, says, said


Nicely done!

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All right, that's all for today, everyone!

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