1. ee

The 'ee' spelling can occur in the middle or end of a word.

a. keep /kip/


b. free /fri/


c. seem /sim/


2. ea

The 'ea' spelling can be used to spell the 'long e' /i/ or 'short e' /ɛ/ (as in the word 'dead' /dɛd/).

a. each /iʧ/


b. dream /drim/


c. tea /ti/


3. ie_e

a. piece /pis/


b. grieve /griv/


c. achieve /əʧiv/


4. ie

The 'ie' spelling can also be pronounced as the 'long i' /ɑɪ/, as in the word 'pie' /pɑɪ/, or even occasionally as two adjacent vowel sounds, as in the words 'quiet' /kwɑɪət/ and 'science' /sɑɪəns/.

a. brief /brif/


b. priest /prist/


c. field /fild/


5. -y

a. happy /hæpi/


b. body /bɑdi/


c. pony /poʊni/


6. -e

The '-e' spelling is pronounced as the /i/ only in single-syllable words where the 'e' is the final and only vowel in the spelling of the word.

a. me /mi/


b. we /wi/


c. shei/