1. o_e (vowel-consonant-e)

When the letter 'o' is followed by a single consonant and then the letter 'e,' the letter '' is usually pronounced as /oʊ/.

a. jokek/


b. rope /rp/


c. vote /vt/


2. oa

a. boat /bt/


b. soap /sp/


c. toast /tst/


3. ow

The 'ow' spelling can also be used for the 'ow sound' /aʊ/ pronunciation, such as in the word 'cow' /kaʊ/.

a. snow /sn/


b. own /n/


c. known /nn/


4. -o-

The single letter 'o' can be an extremely difficult spelling to manage when learning English pronunciation because, in addition to the /oʊ/, it is also used to spell the 'short o' as in the word 'top' /tɑp/ and the 'aw sound' (as in the word 'dog' /dɔg/).

a. most /mst/


b. go /g/


c. both /bθ/