Smoothly link from a word ending in /d/ into a word beginning with /l/ by using a technique called lateral aspiration. This allows the two sounds to merge.

To create a lateral aspiration, approach and stop the /d/ normally, but then, instead of releasing the entire tip of the tongue from the tooth ridge, produce an /l/ by releasing only the sides of the tongue. It can be thought of as stopping the air like /d/, but releasing it as /l/.

The International Phonetic Symbol (in narrow transcription) for /d/ without an audible release is [d̚ ]. The narrow transcription of the lateral aspiration is [d̚ l].

Practice linking /d+l/ using lateral aspiration:

1. good‿luck: Good‿luck on the test.

2. I'd‿love: I'd‿love to go with you.

3. had‿locked: She had‿locked the door.

4. seemed‿like: It seemed‿like it would work.

5. stayed‿late: Karen and Jim stayed‿late at the party.