The 'ch' can be spelled 'ch,' 'tch,' and 't+u'.

1. ch

a. chip /ʧɪp/


b. teacher /'tiʧ ɚ/


c. rich /rɪʧ/


The 'ch' spelling can also be used to spell the 'sh sound' /ʃ/ (as in 'chef') or the /k/ (as in 'chorus').

2. tch

a. kitchen /ikɪʧ n̩/


b. itch /ɪʧ/


c. watch /wɑʧ/


3. t(+u)

a. virtue /'vɚ ʧu/


b. century /'sɛn ʧɚ i/


c. spatula /'spæ ʧə lə/


While the t+u spelling is preceded by the letter 's' or begins a stressed or secondarily stressed syllable, the /t/ is the more common pronunciation (as in the words 'study' and 'solitude').